Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good news, bad news & good news...

Hello dearies,
First of all, I truly apologize for not replying orders and enquiries sent to me via e-mails. I have not been feeling well for the past one month or so.
Good news is, I'm pregnant ! And is currently in my first trimester stage so I'm sure mothers out there understand what that means - nausea, vomitting, and all the works. I don't even feel like going online much so that explains why I've been missing in action :)

Bad news is, I'll be going on a looooong break, don't know how long, perhaps until next year or after the baby's born.

But good news again, before I go, I'll be having a clearance sale to clear out all the stocks I have in hand so be sure to check out my blog later, ok.

And oh, sorry to those interested in the Father's Day items, I didn't manage to get back to you in time for the celebration but good news is, all Father's Day items are now on sale at 20% discount. Let me know if any of you are still interested ya.

Stay tune later for my clearance sale and till then, take care, dearies.